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played this as part of a 3 random games, was very chill

I pressed the ''O" button until my finger started to hurt.

Thank you for this beautiful experience.

Is there a 64-bit version for MacOS

Fantastic experience! It helped me to relax a lot more! Thank you!

love it one of my first Itch games i ever found thank you man! nice calm experience


Such a nice and atmospheric experience, the music fit really well too! Lovely game :)

grate game had a lot of fun 

It sounds good but im playing it in ubuntu 20.04 and it is just showing a black screen

So this is like an anti-stress thing or smthin?


It's a great concept for a chill simulator, but there were a few things that kind of made the experience stale:

- The only things you can see out on the ocean (aside from the seagulls and city) seem to be on a 1-day only cycle; after the first day, nothing new comes out on the horizon
- There's not enough things to interact with; yes, I know that this is more akin to a walking simulator where you look around a bit, but just having some dialogue go with the books and paintings would make it that much more of an enjoyable time-waste

I will give it the credit that it definitely is a nice little getaway, but with it being void of much life, it falls flat once you cross the first day

My playthrough of the game:

Really Great Game ! how do you make this art style in unity

For some reason i can't play the game because the camera keeps panning up-left...

That's because you have a gamepad connected!

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I have an obsession with lighthouses <3 


not working in linux , screenshot below :)

its a nice concept , i hope you patch it



This was like a hug for my soul.  Thank you for making this.


relaxing game, ı love it


I love watching sunsets with my very real and not at all imaginary girl friend. It's the best thing. We even mash face and hold hands, for real, I swear. You don't know her though, she goes to a different forum.

This is Amazing!! Its really relaxing and beautiful, thank you so much for this experience :)

hum...very nice

Made a video reviewing indie games! This game was really cute! I enjoyed :) Check out the video if you want

 hi guys!
hi guys! i'm brazilian, i make a video about this game!

game has such an eerie feeling, like theres a hidden murder room or smthing 

This game is gorgeous i love the view and atmosphere this game has . It just make me really relaxed good job dev :)

A beautiful experience; especially the transition from day to night. But....the light of that tower is a bit too much bright. I would suggest (if you are interested) you to make a same experience but with aurora borealis because to be honest, there isn't much beauty in an ocean if we look from above.

This is the walkthrough of the game !!


BrightLight more like Bright Darkness



Nice game

I felt a great sense of Deja vu

This may or may not be my first time playing


Somethings wrong with the game... I played, and the ocean was light blue, but the rest was black, so I couldn't make my way through the game. Either its something wrong with the game, or its cuz I got an old computer, but plz try to fix/check it.

Ya man same my too

This game is awesome! great atmosphere

I had fun playing it, very well done 👍👍👍

Me, when I launch the game, everything is black and I only see the water and smoke!

Please fix it!

hello guys I played Bright Light and I made a video to show off your cool exploration game! I hope you will enjoy. As I enjoyed walking around and in the light house. Have a great one!!




Very nice and beautiful art!

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Hi guys! I have upload a video from my streaming and I really love this experiencie, well done <3

Contenido del vídeo en español. Muchas gracias de antemano a todos, un fuerte abrazo.

Great experience playing. It's fun even for the little ones. It still needs some improvement in the shading section and you could also put more items around since you are stuck on the island. Otherwise 9/10 and I also love the controller support

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 19:00 (The 3rd Game)

I love the atmosphere and the coice of literature. Very avant-garde. This was very artistically inspiring, however the movement could use a little work as well as mouse sensitivity adjustment. It isn't crucial, but I think the experience would be better enjoyed with these options.

I couldnt describe it better than you just did

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