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There's lots of small details that I quite admire. It would be more interesting if there was more ways to interact with the items around you - I know it states 'it's not really a game', but the small things like being able to interact with the fishing rod would be nice, or with the books on the stairs, as there was a lot of stairs. Apart from that, I love the art style, and how you can look out above the water and into the sky at the top of the lighthouse. The telescope was a nice touch too.

I played your map and had a fun time. If you skip towards the end that's when the playthrough of your game starts.  -

Very nice! This is sort of small, granted, but I do appreciate the peaceful and vibrantly colorful mood you achieved here, and while I often love various other game genres (strategy, etc) I do definitely have a soft spot for some slower-paced experiences like this that focus on beautifully realized spaces. I think it was kind of inevitable that the walking-sim subgenre would emerge at some point in the 2000s once the realtime graphics tech made a wide range of genuinely pretty environments possible. There were early signs that this could become a thing with games like 'Myst' but it took a while for devs to actually eschew puzzles and obstacles entirely and make projects in which the gameworld and exploration stood entirely on its own. I'm a game dev myself and am personally attempting to hit some sort of balanced middle ground between the overly obtuse and densely packed puzzle designs of traditional old-school adventure games and the more open wandering-around walking sim format with my project Miniature Multiverse. It's kind of quirky analog art style [O scale miniature-art settings] but it's yet another example of an attempt to create a relaxed and artful exploratory experience. 

Anyway, I'm now following you and am curious to see what you make next. :)

Hey, Threw your game into an indie Romp I did. Hope you enjoy the video Your game starts at the 10:50 Mark.

This was a beutifal expirience!

Hey there. Running on a Chromebook with Linux. This game looks lovely, runs fine and everything is rendered beautifully BUT! I don't hear any sound or music. Any ideas?

Le plus grand centre commercial bug les decors sont tous noir pouvez vous m'aider svp


Beautiful sky! I'm amazed with how the colors change, in both the sea and the sky. I really like the detail in the clouds, only caught that later.

Only have 2 negative things to say (hope it is constructive):

(1) I think the lighthouse's light is a big problem. It doesn't look very good (too strong), and seems such as important effect to nail, since it is towards the "end" of the game (assuming people will play through once to see everything). Sticks out a lot in an otherwise great looking place.

(2) I think you should relocate the upper door of the light-house, or adjust the music? I like the build-up, but it would be much better if the "climax" happened when the player looked through the door at the world. As it is, it happens when he reaches the top of the staircase, but only looking at a wall.

Very nice job overall, though. I'm still opening the game just to look at the sky every now and then! Good luck in future projects. :)

The game world is relatively small, yet I spent 3 hours immersed in this poetically captivating experience, whereby I simply walked around repeatedly & stared at everything for long minutes.

My only disappointment is that the game doesn't seem to allow me to get over to the opposite island with the houses near the headland, because I'm curious to check if that is the spot marked X on the wooden chest map.

Really pretty and relaxing, I loved walking around and just looking at all the set pieces. <3 Can't wait to see what you release next!

Thanks for the beautiful, chill, relaxing experience you produced in this game. Kinda confused at first, but yeah. Everything is good in here.

If any of you that curious about this game, check my test in here . Thanks.



Ever since I was a little girl, lighthouses often appeared in my dreams thanks to my nana. She had dozens of books, sculptures, and trinkets of lighthouses all over the states. Sometimes, I wondered what life would be like if I had a small island with a lighthouse of my own to vanish to, for when life was too noisy to handle. 

"a bright light" gives me such a place to visit whenever I need. A quiet companion on those nights where the only company I want is the sound of the ocean, a light breeze to carry ill thoughts away, and the protective aura cast by a well-cared-for Fresnel lens. A calm for which there is no storm to follow. Thank you so much for making this <3 

Beautiful looking game. Added my own music if that's ok for my video ?

Very calming! Would be intrested to see more of these calm solitary spaces show up in games . . .

Oddly calming.  However the zoom feature with the scope was too sensitive. It would be much better if when zoomed in it lowered the sensitivity. Other than that it was a nice 8 minute walking simulator.

Bug Report:

On Windows Build, played on Windows 7 with an HD3000 intel graphic card (1.5 GB Ram, DirectX11/OpenGL 3.3  compatible,  and driver version, I see that in the main menù and also in-game many models are not rendered at all (change quality or resolution settings doesn't make any difference).

At this link you can find some screenshots: A Bright Light In the Middle of the Ocean

Thanks for your attention and your work.

same with me

@ trota68, @ hippietrashcan
Older-generation Intel HD Graphics GPUs don't seem to support the game fully.

If your system has dual GPUs, instead of using the integrated Intel GPU, switch to the higher-end discrete GPU (updated with the latest possible driver) before launching the game. Switching the GPU during the gameplay itself has no effect.

See also my comment regarding the log file (which you can analyze):


Very nice art and atmosphere, I've made a little story around it! Thanks for making the game!

Hello! I adored your game, it was gorgeous and wonderfully simple as well as having those neat little drawings and other Easter eggs! I made a let's play of your game alongside another one here~


Deleted post

I love this, great concept and everything, it's perfect.. But only one problem, I'm an extremely awkward person and I need the Y axis to be inverted.. Can you add an option to that?

Probbably not the most interesting thing but I made a 9 hour screensaver of view from the lighthouse showing the island and the day/night/cycle. I like it though.




I played this the other day and totally enjoyed it.  The graphics are spot on and even thought it's short I can't fault it. You really do need to expand this into something bigger though but thank you. Awesome.



Day? ;-;

really liked this a lot. I think adding sensitivity options would help me enjoy it a bit more: walking up the steps so quickly made me a little motion sick.

so pretty ^^

Nice game!

Works just fine on Arch Linux, including XBox 360 controller.

If you end up doing another build I would definitely appreciate being able to disable the bloom. It makes it very hard for my eyes to focus on things.


nice game! fell in love with the view


good game very well made ty


So peaceful :)


Loved it! It is so pretty!


I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. It was a nice change to what I normally play. I made a video so this game can reach I wider audience because it deserves it. Hope you enjoy. 


Thanks for playing and for giving a try to something different from what you usually play!


It's such a cute game, and while it's very relaxing to just stand around somewhere (I most like the little island in front of the beach) I'm really missing a key to just sit down, even if it just lowers the camera. I instinctivally want to sit down everywhere to just get the feeling of relaxing, more than just standing still.

Thanks for the feedback, a key for sitting down is a great idea! I don't know why I haven't though of that before! I'll add that when I update the game.


Lovely game! Very relaxing.

Would love to be able to sit down in places or take a dive.


you have to download :C


Cute shaders and art.  The lighthouse light was very abrasive, but overall a cute game.  I'd love to be able to go the town.


I'm not seeing any textures, everything is blue, black, or white. Since won't let me upload an image to this comment, here's a link:


Sorry I have no idea what could cause that, since no one else reported the same problem. It seems there's no light but I don't know why. I'll fix it if I find out what's the problem, but I'm not very confident that I will find what is the problem.

I'm on a slightly older laptop with Intel graphics, if that helps narrow it down? Is there a log file or some other debugging information I can help you with?

@ Enno -- Older-generation Intel HD Graphics GPU doesn't appear to support the shader effects required by the game. This could be why there is no ambient light (except for the "glowing" ocean) in the game.

You can take a look at this \Bright Light_Data\output_log.txt file in the game folder, & see if contains any of the following lines:

  • D3D shader create error for vertex shader
  • D3D shader create error for pixel shader
  • ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)"
  • WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Setting to default shader

You're right, that's exactly the error I see in the log. 

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Pass '' has no vertex shader
ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Hidden/BilateralBlur' - Setting to default shader.

My Laptop's Intel HD 3000 graphics are a few years old, true, and it's by no means a gaming machine (below 1% in the Steam Hardware Survey), but so far, yours is the only game on itch that I've had problems with.

@ Enno -- My integrated GPU is Intel HD Graphics (ie. the 1st generation, older than your GPU), which doesn't work properly with the game. Luckily, I have a discrete AMD GPU that I could switch to in order for the game to render properly. But the GPU switching must be done before launching the game, because switching the GPU during gameplay has no effect.

That being said, like you, this game is the first & only one to date that my integrated Intel HD Graphics GPU (enabled by default) has problems with. Perhaps it's because unlike other Unity games that I'd played, the only 'Graphics Quality' options provided in the Unity settings panel upon first launch of this game are restricted to: Good, Beautiful, & Fantastic -- with no lower options such as: Fastest (which I prefer), Fast, & Simple.

Maybe the game developer @Fi Silva can consider making lower graphics quality options available, especially for players without a higher-end gaming GPU to switch to.


Very relaxing, and the music was beautiful. Great job!


This is such a nice concept! Thank you for making this, I love the colours, design, and aesthetic!


Well done! Relaxing and pretty experience. I was delighted to find a treasure chest too.

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